Cover Letter to Coke Cola

Professional Cover Letter Example

Berlin, July 12th 2012

To Whom It May Concern:

It has been brought to my personal attention that Coca-Cola is searching ardently to procure a Senior Manager of iMarketing in XXX. It is my fervent desire to be considered for this position as a thirsty Marketing Manager and an experienced Coke drinker.

I have a strong desire to be a part of one of the most brilliant and scheming creative teams in the world. Therefore, I envision myself as the perfect candidate for this avocation. I bring over fourteen years of marketing communication expertise, multimedia production management, and a proven track record in strategic marketing methodologies.

As XXX at XXXX consecutively for the past six years, I have been responsible for developing convincing marketing campaigns, which have produced increased brand recognition and customer loyalty. For the duration of my tenure at XXX, I have had the opportunity, not only to introduce the newer platforms of interactive marketing technologies to my company and team, but also incorporate new application designs that engage and stimulate users beyond traditional mediums. This new wave of communication has shown a significant effectiveness fiscally within my company, which encourages me to further investigate new and improved practices forward thinking.

Having natural interpersonal and communication abilities, I have also acquired a solid reputation for effective networking and strategic alliance building among crucial industry resources. In providing a solution driven leadership style, I was able to build and mobilize highly effective and innovative marketing platforms that encouraged profitability for the company’s largest product lines.

I have included my CV to demonstrate in greater detail my experience and skills. I sincerely hope you find my qualifications amiable and desirable to consider me as the next Senior Manager of iMarketing. As there is markedly more to relate, I look forward to meeting and discussing with you in the foreseeable future, how my expertise will contribute to Coca-Cola’s way of delivering the sensation of the Coca-Cola experience to its audience.





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